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Connect Cape Cod
Connect Cape Cod
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  1. First time here? Great! This three minute tutorial tour will help you learn your way around the Maps & Data page.
  2. Select the location you want to explore on this page.
  3. To view resources (i.e. organizations or programs), select the service category that you want to view. Leave blank to view all resources or select 'Don't display any resources' to see none.
  4. To view community indicators (i.e. demographics information like poverty rates), start here by selecting the type of indicator you want to see.
  5. Click Map It to load the map with your current selections.
  6. At any time, click here to collapse (shrink) this settings box to view more of the map below.
  7. This legend explains the community indicator colors.
  8. This legend explains the resource icons.
  9. When viewing a community indicator on the map, click here to view or download the data in a table.
  10. When viewing a community indicator on the map, click here to view in a chart.
  11. When viewing a resources on the map, click here to view or download them in a list view.
  12. Click here to generate a link that you can save or share to bring you back to your custom map at any time.
  13. Print the custom map you've created (or use this button to save it as a PDF).
  14. To take this tour again at any time in the future, click 'Tutorial'.
  15. Created an interesting or informative map you are proud of? Share your custom map on Facebook or Twitter!
  16. That's it! Thanks for taking the time to explore Maps & Data on Connect Cape Cod!

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