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Connect Cape Cod
Connect Cape Cod
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What is CONNECT Cape Cod?

CONNECT Cape Cod is a web-based, central access point for community resources and information. CONNECT Cape Cod provides data, knowledge and interactive tools for effective collaboration among nonprofits, government, funders, and other stakeholders about a wide range of issues which impact the quality of life on Cape Cod.

The shell of the tool was purchased through the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute and then work was done locally to customize the information and the look and feel for our community. The information for the maps and data section is pre-populated with IRS and census data and is updated annually. The indicator information is drawn from the American Community Survey. This information is updated as new information becomes available. Starting with this base level of updated, relevant community data is essential to the long-term success and sustainability of CONNECT Cape Cod. 


Why CONNECT Cape Cod?

Through the creation of the Cape-wide Youth Action Plan and identification of priorities, critical issues emerged repeatedly in conversations with the more than 50 community members that were engaged in the process. Through these extensive community conversations, Cape Cod organizations identified that the community:

  • Lacks a central access point to tie together existing community resources and information
  • Needs a central data source to help with research and outreach for funding assistance
  • Would benefit from a virtual space for community members and organizations to learn, share, connect and collaborate
  • Requires easily accessible data that enables funders and community members to survey the landscape and make informed decisions about resource allocation

As such, an intensive search ensued to research an online portal that could help address these needs. While the initiation for such a resource was born from the Cape-wide Youth Action Plan process, to be fully effective, the tool needed to encompass the community, not just one sector, as all of the different threads of our community are so closely woven together. The steering committee for the project spent considerable time understanding the opportunities and challenges with implementing online resource tools and selected this tool because it best addressed the challenges that have inhibited the success of previous efforts at such a comprehensive tool.

That said, CONNECT Cape Cod is a starting point! You can find a lot here, and it can also lead you to other interconnected community resources!


Who is the target audience?

While the appeal of the platform is broad, there are three primary user-groups for CONNECT Cape Cod:

  1. Local nonprofit organizations
  2. Community Members
  3. Funders and researchers

What can I do with this tool?

  • Map local resources, programs and community needs
  • Find information on training and other educational opportunities
  • Post opportunities, share documents and collaborate with other members of the community
  • Find opportunities to contribute and connect with organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life on Cape Cod


CONNECT Cape Cod is being managed by The Cape Cod Foundation.  Dara Gannon is serving as Community Administrator and can be reached at info@connectcapecod.org. In addition, the project benefits from input from community partners.


With thanks

The steering committee of the Cape-wide Youth Action Plan was critical to the launch of this community tool. We are grateful for their support through the process! You can find out more about them on the right-hand sidebar on this page.