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Expanding Health & Human Services

The health needs of Cape Cod residents are changing. There has been a decrease in Cape Cod’s population ages 0-44 while the number of older residents continues to increase, with senior residents aged 65+ representing 25% (53,972) of the population. With this demographic trend there is greater demand for and consumption of health and human services.  Yet a higher percentage of Barnstable County residents live without health insurance than the rest of Massachusetts. 7.3% of Cape Cod residents are uninsured; 3% more than the rest of the state. 
Local organizations are working hard to ensure that our residents' health needs are taken care of. Barnstable County Department of Human Services plans, develops, and coordinates regional solutions to Cape Cod’s most pressing health and human service issues.   The Department fosters and supports collaborative initiatives with data analysis, strategic planning, and investment of county, state and federal resources. Current initiatives include convening key stakeholders to address substance use, homelessness, and chronic disease. In addition, the Department compiles and disseminates regional human service information and resources. Barnstable County Department of Human Services’ goal is to create a “Healthy Connected Cape Cod”. To find out more, visit www.healthyconnectedcapecod.org.